The Group

To help you and your company achieving a better performance in the present and the future, protecting also what is most important to you, through a safe and effective planning.

Who we are

Genesis Associates is a company that works with financial intelligence, providing its customers personalized advisory regarding estate planning and financial education. Located in Brazil and the USA, Gênesis Associates provides its customers with a series of financial intelligence solutions with molds based on the world's most solid groups, therefore not necessary to seek other companies for resolving situations related to personal or corporate finance, be it for formation or expansion, succession and protection of your estate. Formed by a multidisciplinary team, Gênesis Associates has a highly specialized team which combined with a solid academic background and business experience, which gives them maturity and experience; basic requirements for building a successful career. Combined, Gênesis Associates has more than 110 years of experience in domestic and international markets, despite this, all employees are in constant learning and updating process in order to provide customers with a better understanding of market options.

The patrimonial planner

Gênesis employees seeks for knowledge and constant qualification to develop what is required to join the clients in all the steps of planning: formation, maintenance and patrimonial inheritance.
The financial planner aims to understand the clients' needs through a relation based on trust, truth and transparency, and with time, develop a strategy capable of attending the demands and go beyond expectations. He is the responsible for walking side by side with clients, bringing along clarification and knowledge, what make enable to take decisions in a precise and focused way.


Gênesis Associates has the mission to provide financial planning to it's clients in order to improve quality of life and independence throughout a careful analysis of the current reality focused in generating future wealth and achieving dreams.


Help people and corporations throughout a proper planning to increase current and future performance, therefore increasing quality of life, protecting all that is most important.


• Ethics
• Responsability
• Agility
• Confidentiality
• Commitment
• Solidity
• Respect to Individuality


  • Employs senior resources at every stage of the process
  • Generates consensus through trustable and feasible solutions
  • Engages and associates itself to the company and its resources

Senior executives

  • Brazilian and american market reach
  • Industry executives, advisory companies and financial institutions
  • The directors have wide executive experience and performance on administrative boards

Highly Complex Management

  • Proven track record in managing complex situations
  • Guarantee of result delivery through leadership and execution

Focus on results and fast execution

  • Focus in delivering fast results
  • Coordination of short and long term goals along with trustable plans and achievable aims

Operational expertise

  • Proven and fact based financial approach
  • Wide operational experience
  • Ability to provide interim executives
  • Fast implementation

Practical result orientation

  • Deep experience of what can be installed in a recovery environment.
  • Comprehensive focus to improve financial results